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Understanding Photoshop

The Photoshop Course

Creating photographs will never be the same again

Understanding Photoshop is for those who are just beginning their image manipulation journey. Even if you have some experience in using Photoshop, or you have tried to follow some online videos, books, tutorials, etc. you will still find this course extremely useful.

You will learn the foundations and the core concepts that lay behind this industry standard image editing software. This training course will teach you the basics of the Photoshop set up and workspace, toolbar, cloning, selections, adjustment layers (especially curves), masking, sharpening, color work, B&W techniques and of course, saving and exporting your work.

After this training course, you will be able to work on your own images using Adobe Photoshop with confidence. In just 5 weeks, Antony will teach you all the skills you need to kick-start your creative journey.




It’s really that easy !